Cool Kids’ Clothes: Brands You Need to Know

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For as long as we can remember, childrenswear meant pink frilly outfits for girls, and  t-shirts, and blue jeans for boys. Thanks to Instagram, and other social media, we are more aesthetically-minded in every aspect of our lives. People look to celebrities like Kim and Kanye for inspiration on how to dress their own kids. Designers noticed, and responded with collections that could rival any popular adult brand. Here are our picks for kids brands you need to know.


Ever since the brand was established in 2013, Billieblush’s kidswear has proven to be very popular with young girls under the age of 12. Cute, and colorful prints adorn dresses, skirts, and jackets. Playful details designed to grab attention makes this brand a hit with kids, and parents alike. Putting on Billieblush, a little girl will always leave the house perfectly dressed for school, or simply hanging out with friends.

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Always playful, Catimini is a brand that exudes joy, and happiness. By always concentrating on innovative designs, Catimini offers children a unique style that is bold and unplanned. For happy and active kids, Catimini draws on a kaleidoscope of designs and colors printed with a variety of bright hues. Catimini is a brand meant for curious children that are excited about the world around them.

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Jean Bourget is a French brand that has been designing, and producing children’s clothing fore more than 50 years. Each piece of clothing is nicely cut, and designed to for comfort. Fabrics are selected with extreme care, using only the best quality. Every Jean Bourget outfit exudes effortless style, and sophistication. The remarkable adventure of Jean Bourget continues with the same passion, with now nearly 1,000 stores around the world.

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Wild and Gorgeous produces lovely clothes for wild boys and beautiful girls. The brand is an extension of the very popular girls brand ilovegorgeous. Launched in September 2016, Wild & Gorgeous was created by Sophie Worthington and Lucy Enfield. They spent 10 years designing lovely clothes for beautiful girls, and were eager to do the same for boys. It was a task to discover the appropriate voice that was able to build on, and support what they created with ilovegorgeous, but it looks like they succeeded.  

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