Affordable Kids Fashion Brands Celebrities Love

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Currently there’s a big demand in the industry for kids fashion made popular by celebrities. These brands range from very high end to what people might call affordable luxury. Here are some popular affordable brands, that celebrities just can’t get enough of.


Tutu Du Monde is another popular brand amongst celebs. The brand was created for girly girls who love things like ballet, and butterflies. Tutu Du Monde’s tutus have a hand-made, hand dyed, one-off, old-world feel without the frail nature of a vintage garment. Colors are dusty pastels, with details of sequins, beads and feathers, applied by hand to cotton and tulle. The tutus are produced in small runs, in line with their organic look. Mini celebrities who have been seen wearing Tutu Du Monde are North West, Penelope Disick, Honor Marie Warren, Harper Beckham, and Harlow Madden.



Hanna Anderson is the first on the list for consideration. The collection was featured in a holiday picture of the Kardashians with Courtney’s little son Mason. Her son was wearing a super cute onesie, and so was the rest of the family in the picture. The Hanna Andersson brand is all about fun colors incorporated with classic silhouettes generally associated with kids wear. Clearly, the Kardashians love this collection because of comfort. It also helps that there are matching outfits for the mothers to wear too.



Paul Frank is a stand out brand on the cutting edge of kids’ fashion. This brand has humble roots; it started out of a garage in Huntington Beach California. Parents, teens, toddlers, and babies have made this brand popular, as well as the iconic monkey representing it. This brand has versatility in terms of target market. The cool designs fit the California laid back lifestyle. Their fun approach to design and color has attracted celebrity customers like Heidi Klum. She dresses all her children in Paul Frank. It’s a quality brand that is literally for everyone, not just kids.



When you enter the world of NUNUNU you’ll find kids clothing that is exceptionally cool! This brand has an edginess that is much needed in kids’ fashion. For those parents who get tired of the cutesy design aesthetic, this brand is sure to please. NUNUNU clothing introduces a unique direction in kids wear; Minimalism. Celebrities like Fergie, Sarah Geller, and Jennifer Lopez are loyal supporters of this brand. As they have eclectic and cool fashion sense, so can their children, when they dress in NUNUNU.



Petit bateau is a kids’ brand with a long vested history in fashion. Since they started business, over 120 years ago, they’ve thrived in this heavily competitive kids fashion market. Their designs have a clean approach to fashion. The French inspired patterns are ultra-cute and can transform childrens’ looks for every stage of their life. Petit bateau believes in quality wears that make customers feel good; simply put. Celebrities such as Katie Holmes, and Ben Affleck have dressed their children in this brand. It’s smart and sensible in design.



With vintage fashion approaching a new height in popularity, Appaman will certainly take center stage in kids’ fashion. Aside from having stylish print tees and creative textured double knit fabric, they have suites too. Appaman proves that fine tailoring isn’t just exclusive to adults; they carry adorable trench coats and Sonoma wind breakers. A distinct fashion flare sets them apart from the competition. Maybe that’s why celebs like Matthew McCaughey and Sandra Bullock have dressed their children in this brand for red carpet events and formal occasion. Appaman has a dapper approach to kids’ fashion.



Celebrity parents make it a point to put their children in clothing that either compliment their everyday look, or match it exactly. Hollywood’s best dressed really depends on coordination. Because of the new interest in kids wear, exclusive designer kids lines have been popping up everywhere. This trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down for now. The future in kids’ apparel looks bright, there are lots of options to choose from at prices from both ends of the spectrum.  Happy shopping!